Mae'r wefan hon yn defnyddio cwcis. Drwy barhau i bori drwy'r wefan rydych yn cytuno i'n defnydd o gwcis. Darllen ein Hysbysiad Preifatrwydd. Derbyn Cwcis

Erthygl Newyddion

Prif dudalen newyddion

Brexit Portal

It also includes a diagnostic tool that helps businesses to identify how prepared they are for Brexit, recommends actions they should take to increase their resilience and signposts them to additional sources of support.

The new Brexit portal builds on the advice and guidance that has been provided to Welsh companies by both the Welsh Government and Business Wales since the referendum.

It has been designed to make it as easy as possible for business to access the most up to date information and support that they need.

Ffynhonnell: For further information please visit the Brexit Portal