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Ychwanegu hysbysiad at fy Rhestr Diddordeb

Manylion yr Hysbysiad

Teitl: Building Local Authority Capability in Product Safety, Legal Metrology and Construction Products
OCID: ocds-h6vhtk-03590a
ID yr Awdurdod: AA80980
Cyhoeddwyd gan: Business Energy and Industrial Strategy
Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 05/08/22
Dyddiad Cau:
Amser Cau:
Math o Hysbysiad: Hysbysiad Gwybodaeth Ymlaen Llaw (PIN)
Yn Cynnwys Dogfennau: Na
Yn SPD: Na

Please see the description above - II.1.4. Short description

Hysbysiad gwybodaeth ymlaen llaw

Hysbysiad gwybodaeth ymlaen llaw yn unig yw hwn

Cyfarwyddeb 2014/24/EU - Cyfarwyddeb y Sector Cyhoeddus

Cyfarwyddeb 2014/24/EU

Adran I: Endid contractio

I.1) Enw a chyfeiriad

Business Energy and Industrial Strategy

1 Victoria Street




Person cyswllt: Jackie Fitzsimons



Cyfeiriad(au) rhyngrwyd

Prif gyfeiriad:

I.3) Cyfathrebu

Gellir cael gwybodaeth ychwanegol o'r cyfeiriad uchod

I.4) Y math o awdurdod contractio

Gweinyddiaeth neu unrhyw awdurdod cenedlaethol neu ffederal arall, gan gynnwys eu his-adrannau rhanbarthol neu leol

I.5) Prif weithgaredd

Gwasanaethau cyhoeddus cyffredinol

Adran II: Gwrthrych

II.1) Cwmpas y caffaeliad

II.1.1) Teitl

Building Local Authority Capability in Product Safety, Legal Metrology and Construction Products

II.1.2) Prif god CPV



II.1.3) Y math o gontract


II.1.4) Disgrifiad byr

The Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) is part of the Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) was created in January 2018 to deliver consumer protection and to support business confidence, productivity and growth. We regulate a wide range of products with a focus on their safety and integrity. We work with local, national and international regulators, with consumer representatives and with businesses to deliver effective protections and to support compliance.

Our mission is to be a trusted product regulator for the UK. This means protecting people and places, enabling business to thrive and empowering consumers to make good choices. We will be a leader of good regulatory practice and a champion of local regulation.

OPSS is:

• the national regulator for all consumer products, except for vehicles, medicines and food.

• the national regulator for legal metrology, ensuring weighing and measuring instruments are accurate and reliable.

Further information about OPSS can be found here:

OPSS supports national and local coordination of regulation to join up regulatory delivery in its policy areas.

The project will deliver a programme of activities (training and e-learning packages) to develop skills and capability in Local Authority Regulatory Services (LARS, Trading Standards officers in England, Wales and Scotland and Environmental Health officers in Northern Ireland) and support coordination of national and local regulation. Each activity will have a defined learning outcome.

As a guide activities will include practical & taught, in person, e- learning and on line interactive courses including :

• Increasing confidence in basic construction products regulation

• Developing skills and expertise in construction products

• Legal Metrology - legal updates and training; practical application and hands on experience of equipment and techniques in specified topics

• Product Safety -

o How to carry out Risk Assessment; using the Product Safety Database and Prism

o PAS 7050 & 7100 practical workshop

• Northern Ireland Regulators Learning and Development in specific specialist topics

• A programme of mini webinars on specialist Legal Metrology and Product Safety topics as specified

• Leadership Development for aspiring Regulatory Leaders

• Developing an online e learning package which will be hosted on Regulators Companion for:

o PAS 7050

o Legal Metrology (average quantity, Liquid Fuel Measuring Instruments, licensed Premises Inspection)

During the lifetime of the contract the supplier will be required to evaluate learning and continually assess future needs to inform development of further programmes to be delivered each year.

II.1.6) Gwybodaeth am lotiau

Mae’r contract hwn wedi’i rannu’n lotiau: Na

II.2) Disgrifiad

II.2.2) Cod(au) CPV ychwanegol


II.2.3) Man cyflawni



II.2.4) Disgrifiad o’r caffaeliad

Please see the description above - II.1.4. Short description

II.2.14) Gwybodaeth ychwanegol

OPSS are conducting a supplier engagement event which will provide more information about the opportunity and what we expect from suppliers. It will also give suppliers an opportunity to better understand what OPSS aims to achieve from the contract.

We would like to invite prospective bidders to attend a pre-market engagement session on 1 September at 12:30 via MS Teams. Should you wish to attend, please register your interest using the contact details below.

II.3) Dyddiad amcangyfrifedig ar gyfer cyhoeddi’r hysbysiad contract:


Section IV: Gweithdrefn

IV.1) Disgrifiad

IV.1.8) Gwybodaeth am Gytundeb Caffael y Llywodraeth (GPA)

The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: Ydy

Section VI: Gwybodaeth ategol

VI.5) Dyddiad anfon yr hysbysiad hwn


Gwybodaeth a ychwanegwyd at yr hysbysiad ers iddo gael ei gyhoeddi.

Gwybodaeth ychwanegol a ychwanegwyd at yr hysbysiad ers ei gyhoeddi.
Nid oes unrhyw wybodaeth bellach wedi'i lanlwytho.
Prif Gyswllt:
Cyswllt Gweinyddol: Dd/g
Cyswllt Technegol: Dd/g
Cyswllt Arall: Dd/g

Categorïau Nwyddau

Categorïau Nwyddau
Rhif AdnabodTeitlPrif Gategori
80510000Specialist training servicesTraining services
80500000Training servicesEducation and training services

Lleoliadau Dosbarthu

Lleoliad Delifriad
Rhif AdnabodDisgrifiad
100DU - Holl

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