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Manylion yr Hysbysiad

Teitl: National Flagship Procurement - Design Phase 1
Cyhoeddwyd gan: Unknown
Dyddiad Cyhoeddi: 20/07/21
Dyddiad Cau:
Amser Cau:
Math o Hysbysiad: Hysbysiad o Gontract
Yn Cynnwys Dogfennau: Na


Adran I: Awdurdod Contractio


Enw, Cyfeiriad a Phwynt(iau) Cyswllt

UK Ministry of Defence

MOD Abbey Wood


BS34 8JH


Michelle Sanders

Michelle Sanders

Blwch wedi'i dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch wedi'i dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch wedi'i dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio


Math o Awdurdod contractio a'i Brif Weithgaredd neu Weithgareddau

Blwch wedi'i dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch wedi'i dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio

Adran II: Amcan y Contract




Teitl a roddwyd i'r contract gan yr awdurdod contractio

National Flagship Procurement - Design Phase 1


Math o gontract gwasanaeth


Prif safle neu leoliad y gwaith, man cyflawni neu berfformio


Gwybodaeth am gytundeb fframwaith

Blwch heb ei dicio


Gwybodaeth am gytundeb fframwaith (os yw'n berthnasol)

Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio

Nifer y cyfranogwyr a ragwelir yn y cytundeb fframwaith

Hyd y cytundeb fframwaith

Cyfiawnhad dros gytundeb fframwaith sy'n para am fwy na saith mlynedd

Amcangyfrif o gyfanswm gwerth pryniannau yn ystod cyfnod llawn y cytundeb fframwaith

Amlder a gwerth y contractau a gaiff eu dyfarnu


Disgrifiad byr o'r contract neu'r pryniant/pryniannau

As announced by the Prime Minister the Ministry of Defence (The Authority) is seeking to procure a new National Flagship for the UK. This Flagship will give British businesses a new global platform to promote their products. The flagship will be contracted under a firm price contract, the total available budget being £150M.

The Authority’s high level requirement for the National Flagship Programme is;

• Launch of the ship in the last quarter of 2024.

• In service by 4th quarter 2025

• World class international design

• A build that drives UK economic prosperity

• To enhance trade throughout the world.

• Maximum use of green technologies at the outset

• Insert green technologies through life

A typical six month itinerary for the flagship might include docking at a port in a country where a British Prime Ministerial visit is taking place to accommodate parallel discussions between British and local businesses, hosting trade fairs to sell British products to an emerging market and providing the venue for an international ministerial summit or major trade negotiations between the UK and another government.

The ship, the name of which will be announced in due course, will be the first national flagship since 1997 when the HMY Britannia was decommissioned. However, its role will be distinct from that of any previous national flagship, reflecting the UK’s new status as an independent trading nation and helping us to seize the opportunities that status presents.

As well as being a resource for British firms looking to export globally, the ship will also be a tangible manifestation of British ingenuity and shipbuilding expertise. The Government’s intention is to build the ship in the UK. This will create jobs, help drive a renaissance in the UK’s shipbuilding industry and showcase the best of British engineering around the world.

In addition to promoting trade, it is expected that the flagship will play an important role in achieving the UK’s foreign policy and security objectives, through hosting summits and other diplomatic talks.

Construction of the ship is expected to begin next year, and the ship will enter service within the next four years. An emphasis is placed on building a vessel which reflects British design expertise and the latest innovations in green technology.

The assumption is that the ship will be crewed by the Royal Navy and is expected to be in service for around 30 years

The purpose of this Contract Notice (“CN”) is to formally advertise the requirement outlined by the recent Prior Information Notices (“PIN”s) for the Design and the Build Contracts, and to remind potential suppliers that they must submit a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (“PQQ”) to be considered for the National Flagship competitive procurement.

Suppliers should only respond if they are (themselves or as part of a consortium with other suppliers) in a position to undertake either the Design and / or the Build of the Ship.

Note that the Design is open to international competition, the build of the vessel will be within the UK.

Intended Procurement Process

The procurement is planned to consist of:

1. Pre-Qualification Questionnaires. PQQ responses will be used to select suitable suppliers to tender for a;

- Competitive Design Phase (“CDP”) Contract(s). This contract will comprise of a “Stage 1 Design (System Design)” and a “Stage 2 (Detailed Design)”. It is expected that up to several suppliers will qualify for the Stage 1 Design Contract, allowing the Authority to select the most suitable to take forward to the Stage 2 Design. And;

- Competitive Build Phase (“CBP”) Contract.

2. An Invitation to Negotiate (ITN”) which will be issued to suppliers successful at the PQQ stage for these contracts.

3. Contracts for the CDP Stage 1 & CDP Stage 2 and CBP will be agreed with the suppliers who are downseleted through the ITN process.

Suppliers will develop their proposed Stage 1 and Stage 2 designs, with the opportunity to engage with, and receive feedback from the Authority and its representatives.

Design deliverables supplied to the Authority during the CDP will form the basis of ITN issued to the Build Suppliers allowing a selected “build” supplier to contract for the Build CBP Contract.

The mechanism by which the Authority will assess whether suppliers can deliver to the Technical Requirements, by the required dates, and to the available budget, will be articulated in the ITNs.

The Authority will issue the ITNs together with the draft Contract to those suppliers who qualify.

The supplier which provides the most advantageous tender, in accordance with the requirements of the published evaluation criteria in the ITNs, will (subject to approvals) be awarded the Contracts.


Whilst what is set out above is the intended procurement process, the Authority, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to amend in any way and/or cancel the procurement process. The Authority reserves the right to withdraw this notice at any time for any reason.

The Authority reserves the right not to award any Contract to any supplier at any stage during the procurement (including the CDP Contract or the D&B Contract). The Authority does not bind itself to enter into any Contract(s) arising out of the proceedings envisaged by this CN and no contractual rights express or implied arise out of this CN or the procedures envisaged by it.

Other than any amount that may be paid to successful suppliers in accordance with the terms of the CDP & CBP Contracts, any suppliers who respond to this procurement (irrespective of whether they are assessed to meet the PQQ requirements or are evaluated to be successful CDP & CBP suppliers) shall be fully responsible for the cost of responding to this procurement, and the Authority does not accept any liability for any costs howsoever incurred including but not limited to those costs arising out of or in connection with any amendment to, or cancellation of, the procurement process.


Geirfa Gaffael Gyffredin (CPV)



Gwybodaeth am is-gontractio

Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio


Rhannu'n lotiau



A gaiff cynigion amrywiadol eu derbyn?



Maint neu Gwmpas y Contract


Cyfanswm maint neu gwmpas


Gwybodaeth am opsiynau

Amserlen dros dro ar gyfer defnyddio'r opsiynau hyn


Gwybodaeth am adnewyddiadau


Hyd y contract neu derfyn amser ar gyfer ei gwblhau


Adran III: Gwybodaeth Gyfreithiol, Economaidd, Ariannol a Thechnegol


Amodau ar gyfer Cymryd Rhan


Sefyllfa bersonol

Suppliers Instructions How to Express Interest in this Tender:

1. Register your company on the eSourcing portal (this is only required once)

- Browse to the eSourcing Portal

- Click the “Click here to register” link

- Accept the terms and conditions and click “continue”

- Enter your correct business and user details

- Note the username you chose and click “Save” when complete

- You will shortly receive an email with your unique password (please keep this secure)

2. Express an Interest in the tender

- Contact to express your interest via email.

- You will be asked to complete and return an NDA.

- Once the NDA has been returned and your DSP Supplier account has been set up, you will be invited to the PQQ.

- If you have completed the NDA and have yet to be invited to the PQQ, please contact to ensure that you are invited to the PQQ.

- You will be able to find the PQQ in your “My PQQs” page. (This is a secure area reserved for your projects only)

- Click on the PQQ code, you can now access any attachments by clicking the “Settings and Buyer Attachments” in the “Actions” box

3. Responding to the tender

- You can now choose to “Reply” or “Reject” (please give a reason if rejecting)

- You can now use the ‘Messages’ function to communicate with the buyer and seek any clarification

- Note the deadline for completion, then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the PQQ

- There may be a mixture of online & offline actions for you to perform (there is detailed online help available)

If you require any further assistance please consult the online help, or contact the eTendering help desk.

Expressions of Interest

As you will be aware PINs have been issued for both CDP and CBP Contracts. To express interest in this procurement you must respond to the designated e-mail address listed in either the PINs, or that listed here in this CN (Note the e-mail addresses are duplicates). You must send your lead bidder’s / company name and two point of contact details (to include; names, phone numbers, email address, and postal address) to

You are required to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), and following your response an NDA will be issued for you to sign. The purpose of the NDA is to allow the protected transmission of technical information between the Authority and the supplier.

The deadline for expressing an interest in this procurement is 12:00 midday on 12th August 2021. The Authority reserves the right to reject any expressions of interest received after this time at the Authority’s sole discretion.

The PQQ will be issued through the DSP (Defence Sourcing Portal) no later than the 19th of July 2021 for the Design, and no later than 21st September 2021 for the Build.


Capasiti economaidd ac ariannol


Capasiti technegol a/neu broffesiynol


Contractau sydd wedi'u cadw

Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio

Adran IV: Gweithdrefn


Math o Weithdrefn


Math o Weithdrefn

Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch wedi'i dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio

Cyfiawnhad dros ddewis gweithdrefn gyflym


Cyfyngiadau ar nifer y gweithredwyr a gaiff eu gwahodd i dendro neu gymryd rhan

Meini prawf gwrthrychol ar gyfer dewis nifer cyfyngedig o ymgeiswyr


Lleihau nifer y gweithredwyr yn ystod y broses negodi neu'r deialog

Blwch heb ei dicio

IV.3 Gwybodaeth Weinyddol


Rhif cyfeirnod a roddwyd i'r hysbysiad gan yr awdurdod contractio


Cyhoeddiad(au) blaenorol sy'n ymwneud â'r un contract

Blwch heb ei dicio
Blwch heb ei dicio

Cyhoeddiadau blaenorol eraill


Amodau ar gyfer cael manylebau a dogfennau ychwanegol



Terfyn amser ar gyfer ceisiadau i gymryd rhan

  12 - 8 - 2021


Dyddiad yr anfonwyd y gwahoddiadau i dendro neu'r gwahoddiadau i gymryd rhan at ymgeiswyr a ddewiswyd

  23 - 8 - 2021


Yr iaith neu'r ieithoedd y gellir ei/eu defnyddio i lunio tendrau neu geisiadau i gymryd rhan

Blwch wedi'i dicio     

Adran VI: Gwybodaeth Gyflenwol


Nodwch a yw'r broses gaffael hon yn digwydd yn rheolaidd a rhowch Amcangyfrif o pryd y caiff hysbysiadau pellach eu cyhoeddi


A yw'r contract yn ymwneud â Phrosiect/Rhaglen a ariennir gan Gronfeydd Cymunedol?



Gwybodaeth Ychwanegol

The Contracting Authority intends to use an e-Tendering system in this procurement exercise, please visit for full details and to register your interest in this procurement.


Gweithdrefnau ar gyfer apelio


Corff sy'n gyfrifol am weithdrefnau apelio

Corff sy'n gyfrifol am weithdrefnau cyfryngu


Cyflwyno apeliadau


Gwasanaeth y gellir cael gwybodaeth ynglŷn â chyflwyno apeliadau oddi wrtho

UK Ministry of Defence

MOD Abbey Wood


BS34 8JH



Dyddiad yr anfonwyd yr Hysbysiad hwn

  19 - 7 - 2021

Gwybodaeth a ychwanegwyd at yr hysbysiad ers iddo gael ei gyhoeddi.

Additional information added to the notice since it's publication.
Nid oes unrhyw wybodaeth bellach wedi'i lanlwytho.
Prif Gyswllt: Dd/g
Cyswllt Gweinyddol: Dd/g
Cyswllt Technegol: Dd/g
Cyswllt Arall: Dd/g

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